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Columbia Heights man donates punk rock collection | News

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Columbia Heights man donates punk rock collection

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- A Columbia Heights man donated his treasure trove of local punk rock memorabilia to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library.

Mark Anderson hopes his collection, which includes everything from posters to buttons to records and instruments, will teach people about the D.C. punk scene for generations to come.

Anderson says one of the most important bands of the local punk scene was a group called Fugazi and a bootleg t-shirt saying "This is not a Fugazi t-shirt" demonstrates what they stood for.

"Fugazi didn't make t-shirts. T-shirts are the single most lucrative part of the music business, that merchandising. But Fugazi felt like they were a band and they didn't want to be a clothing company," Anderson said.

The punk movement was as much about questioning the establishment as the music. Anderson had a poster criticising former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese that said "Experts agree. Meese is a pig." 

The poster caught the attention of the FBI, but that didn't stop Anderson and his friends from blanketing D.C. with more than 700 of the posters. 

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