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Thoughts on El Centro

Thoughts on El Centro

Check out this Prince of Petworth post and responding comments from today about El Centro, the new bar/restaurant by U Street.

How do you feel about the new joint?

Sound off in the comments section below.

Are You Ready For FREEthiopian Fridays?

Are You Ready For FREEthiopian Fridays?

This event comes to us from Dawn Debus:

Owner, Gebremeskel Kahassai of Axum's Level X Lounge and Sisay Tasaw of Fasil Ethiopian Restaurant have come together to offer this complimentary buffet  to allow people to try their traditional Ethiopian cuisine.

In efforts to raise awareness of their delicious food, the buffet is FREE with purchase of a drink and will be EVERY Friday from 7:30pm-9pm, hence the name, “Freethiopian Fridays.”

Axum is conveniently located just 2 blocks from the Green Mile on U Street at 1934 9th St. NW. Their buffet will be located upstairs in the lounge which is also a perfect place to go for a night out. This amazing Ethiopian restaurant has an upstairs music venue/lounge that offers delicious food and live music to dance the night away! Fasil is located at 1608 7th St. NW just blocks from the Convention Center and green and yellow metro lines.

Best Sandwich I've Ever: Adams Morgan/Mount Pleasant

Best Sandwich I've Ever: Adams Morgan/Mount Pleasant

It's Friday and it's hot, so let's just talk food.

My go to sandwich when I am around the Mount Pleasant area is the barbacoa torta at Pica Taco on Columbia Road.

Pica Taco, which has two locations, one over on Florida Avenue near U Street, as well as the Columbia Road location in between Adams Morgan and Mount Pleasant, has all kinds of good Mexican fare.

To me, though, their barbacoa torta sandwich stands out.

The torta is so, so good.

First, the bread gets a nice smear of refried beans and is toasted briefly on a taco press.  

Next, the sandwich is stacked with lettuce, tomato, delicious avocado, and incredibly flavorful slow-cooked, shredded beef.  Other toppings include cheese, mayo, and hot sauce.

New Pizza Joint Comes To Brightwood Area

Check out this new pizza place, "La Villa Pizzeria", which has come to the area, as reported by the Brightwoodian.

Pizza is always a welcome addition!  Read the entire story on Brightwoodian.

Could You Eat This?

Check out the video above which features Jose Tobar of Pica Taco talking about the restaurant's monthly contest.  

Pica Taco, which is located at 1629 Columbia Road NW and 1406 Florida Avenue NW, will host the event again on July 30th at the Florida Avenue location.

If you are brave enough, stop into the eatery and sign your name up for the challenge!