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School Transit Subsidy Program Update

School Transit Subsidy Program Update


This notice comes to us from John Lisle:


DC Public Schools Prepares for Hurricane Irene


This story comes to us from Frederick Lewis:

District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) is working to prepare our buildings and school community this weekend for Hurricane Irene, which is expected to bring high winds and a large amount of rainfall to the District.


DC Schools Closed Wednesday

PIO for DC Public Schools says all DC Schools will be closed today, Wednesday August 24th. School Staff should not report, while staff assigned to administrative duties should report on time. Custodians should remain on standby.

Woodrow Wilson SHS Back in Business

Woodrow Wilson SHS Back in Business

Woodrow Wilson Senior High School reopened its doors to the public yesterday, August 18, after a two year $124 million modernization project. The ribbon was cut at 11:30am and people were finally allowed to take a look at the new world of Wilson. As a graduate from the class of 2004, I was in utter shock. It's hard to believe that when I was in high school, the walls of the swimming pool at Wilson collapsed and were not fixed until years later when the renovation of the Wilson Aquatic center began shortly before modernization for the rest of the building. At the old Wilson, the gym made peoples skin look yellow because of terrible florescent lighting. In most classrooms, the paint was peeling off the walls. In my English class, students had peeled the paint into a shape resembling Africa. It was normal for a desk to be covered in graffiti or be broken. I don't even want to talk about the bathrooms. Now, all of this has changed. 

Four New Charter Schools Open in Washington, DC for the New School Year

Four New Charter Schools Open in Washington, DC for the New School Year


This notice comes to us from Audrey A. Williams:

Parents will have additional charter schools to choose from when four new schools open in the District of Columbia later this month. The new schools are: Inspired Teaching Demonstration Public Charter School, Mundo Verde Bilingual Public Charter School, Shining Stars Montessori Academy Public Charter School and Richard Wright Public Charter School for Journalism and Media Arts.  The D.C. Public Charter School Board approved these charter applications in April of 2010.

How Far Would You Travel For Your Food?

Do you ever wonder what Wonder Bread is really made of, or how many miles that head of lettuce has traveled? There's nothing like fresh, whole, organic foods to maintain your health and well-being. Farm-fresh produce and meats go directly from the source to your table, leaving little time for nutrients and it's natural vibration to be lost. Many foods at your supermarket have been picked or slaughtered weeks or even months before they make it onto the shelf. Most of these items are preserved by nitrogen or other artificial means, making them appear fresh. Moreover, foods treated with pesticides and artificial fertilizers have lower nutritional value than foods growing organically.

Take care of your local producer. Visit your local farmers market, support and join your local CSA. The money you spend on your food speaks louder than you can ever imagine, spend it wisely.


Meridian Public Charter To Renovate?

Prince of Petworth published some interesting information today regarding Meridian Public Charter School.

Read his entire report about the school and what is in store for its future on Prince of Petworth's website.