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City Duck Departs DC for Southern Living

City Duck Departs DC for Southern Living

By Diana Foley, WHS Volunteer


Early one Friday morning in June, Donnie the Pekin duck was preparing to fly south—via US Airways. Tucked inside a soft-sided pet carrier, we made our way through the airport, keeping our fingers crossed that Donnie would make it through check-in and security without any trouble. We had called the airline ahead of time to confirm that Donnie would be allowed in the cabin, but knowing that ducks probably aren’t an everyday sight for travelers and airline staff, we proceeded with caution.


The Flower Felon

The Flower Felon

In the last few months, Cleveland Park residents have been frantically posting about their beautiful blooming flowers being stolen from their yards and community garden plots.  One resident claims that over 50 of her peony blooms were stolen. This blossom burglary has been going on for quite some time now. Many residents have described a man carrying flowers—loose, unwrapped, and strikingly similar those stolen from the neighborhood.

Everything is More Fun in a Wig

Everything is More Fun in a Wig

Everything is more fun in a wig ... including a bar crawl and raising money for charity!

Registration is open for the sixth annual Wig Walk, which will be held on Friday, December 10, 2010.

Register today to receive the drink specials (below) provided from our generous sponsors for the super fun and wiggy event.

And remember 100% of the proceeds go to Children's National Medical Center Foundation.

2010 Wig Walk Food and Drink Specials:

Columbia Heights Firemen Re-assigned, Investigation Continues After Nude Photo Hits the Web

Here is a very bizarre and a somewhat troubling story out of Columbia Heights.

A photograph has hit the web that shows a nude man standing inside of what looks to be the Columbia Heights firehouse located on the 3400 block of 14th Street.  The photograph features the man standing in the nude in a kitchen, which is weird enough.  But wait...there's more. 

The Washington Examiner reports that according to their sources, the "incident occurred after a July 7 retirement dinner for an outgoing deputy fire chief", and that some of the firefighters went to local bars in the Columbia Heights area after the dinner. 

Certain firefighters that had gone to the bars then allegedly returned to the firehouse, which is where and when it is assumed that the nude photo was taken.