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Photo Gallery | DC SCORES Summer Camp Unites Youth From All Over The City

Despite the heat, children from all around the city are kicking into high gear at Harriet Tubman Elementary School with the DC SCORES summer soccer camp.  DC SCORES is a non-profit organization for elementary and middle school children, that combines soccer, poetry, and community outreach in an effort to stimulate kids both physically and mentally.  DC SCORES kids remain active all year, with a middle school soccer season in the fall, elementary school games in the spring, and a series of camps throughout the summer.  Off the field the organization uses poetry to improve writing skills and service learning to promote awareness about local issues and encourage civic engagement. 

Mark Lewis, aka Coach Popsie, has been involved with DC SCORES for a number of years as a soccer coach at Lincoln Middle School, and now as the director of the Tubman Elementary School soccer camp.  The Tubman camp is the second of the organization's two soccer camps, the first is at Kelly Miller Middle School in late June.  Kids from a variety of neighborhoods are provided with balls, water bottles, t-shirts, and even a hot lunch!  Popsie says the camps are a great way to get kids off of the couch and off of the streets, as they provide a fun environment where kids want to hangout and can, free of charge.  Even so, Popsie's favorite part of camp is watching all the kids make friends and interact with one another. 

Senior Program Director, Katrina Hochstetler, agrees.  With much segragation between the DC neighborhoods, summer camp gives the kids an opportunity to make friends they otherwise wouldn't have made, and allows them to see themselves outside of their individual neighborhoods. 

Hochstetler, who was also a soccer coach, particularly enjoys seeing kids get excited to play against their camp friends during the fall season. 

If you want to get involved with DC SCORES, visit their website at http://www.americascores.org/affiliates/dc.


By: Alexa Schwartzman and Caroline Collins